Ylamaa Group is one of the leading stone companies in Finland, both in the production of granite blocks and the manufacture of kitchen tops. We have gained a reputation for our high-quality products as well as for our excellent delivery reliability. Having our own quarries, the majority of which are in southeast Finland, guarantees reliable supplies.

We supply just about all the types of granite found in Finland, and we expand our range in line with customers’ requirements. We are a reliable partner to the world’s leading stone companies, and we always act on the terms of our customers and the environment.


1/4 Choice of quarries guarantees production reliability

We select our quarries based on the amount and grade of the stone, and we conduct exploratory drilling and sample analyses to examine its quality. Location and good road connections ensure reliable supplies, and we also place importance on blending the quarries into their surroundings.

Being a local company, we are able to select the best and highest-grade stone deposits, and our existing quarries will be able to produce granite for decades to come. We constantly discuss the needs of the market with our customers, and we take the outcome of these discussions into consideration when selecting our quarries. We opened our latest quarry – Baltic Brown V – in 2007.

2/4 Technology and skill

Extracting stone blocks from the rock requires good machinery, technology honed over the years and sound professional skill. We start by drilling boreholes and then we blast a large block of stone free from the rock. Finally, we carve the block into suitable sizes. We have perfected this method to suit our conditions with the objective of operating at maximum efficiency and to the highest standard possible, always on the terms of the environment.

3/4 Ylamaa means quality

Ylamaa granite has earned a reputation for its quality, which we constantly and strictly control. Each block is measured and it undergoes double-quality control.

4/4 Reliable deliveries to customers

We constantly keep our customers up to date with the progress of their delivery. We transport the stone blocks by road to the nearest port, where they are protected and then shipped to the customer. Ylamaa Group’s smooth cooperation with shipping companies ensures delivery reliability where schedules hold firm.