Having our own quarries, the majority of which are in Southeast Finland, guarantees reliable supplies.

Baltic Brown Ed

Baltic Brown ED

Baltic Brown ED is renowned for its high quality, superb durability and beautiful dark brown. It is well suited for internal and external use on extensive building projects.

Technical properties

Water absorption (%) mean value0,16
Standard deviation (%)0,02
Apparent Density (kg/m3) mean value2670
density from ... To ...(kg/m3)2690 to 2710
Standard deviation(kg/m3)8
Open porosity (%) mean value0,38
standard deviation (%)0,04
Flexural strength (MPa) mean value10,3
Standard deviation(MPa)1,7
Min exp value(MPa)8,9
Flexural strength after frost (MPa) mean value9,6
Change in mean flexural strength after 48 cycles (%)13,0
Standard deviation(MPa)1,3
Min exp value(MPa)8,1
Compression strength (MPa) mean value187
Standard deviation(MPa)23,2
Min exp value(MPa)116
Compression strength after frost (MPa) mean value175
Standard deviation(MPa)21,6
Min exp value(MPa)124
Water absorption by Capillarity C (g/m2s0,5) mean value0,273
Standard deviation(g/m2s0,5)0,032
Skid resistance - dry polished mean value48,7
Skid resistance - wet polished mean value15,3
Skid resistance - dry honed mean value51,3
Skid resistance - wet honed mean value32,5
Abrasion resistance (mm) mean value17
Resistance at the anchoring system
Mean breaking Load(N)2400
Min exp value (N)1727
Standard deviation (N)400
Resistance to Thermal shock 
visual changesno
max Mass change (%)0,03
max res. Freq. change (%)8,5
Water absorption by Capillarity C (g/m2s0,5)no directions
parallel mean value
Standard deviation
Water vapour resistance factor μ dry10000
Water vapour resistance factor μ wet10000